The Oneirologist

The Oneirologist was started by accident. I had been making backing tracks for Apocalypse Jazz Unit songs when I took the soundtracks for my epic film Abstract Compositions and made a new piece with them, I liked it so much I decided it should stand on its own and I created The Oneirologist around it. An Oneirologist is essentially a dream scientist and these themes of exploring the real connotations of sleep and the unconscious had pervaded my work for many years, it became a way to look at ideas around philosophy, psychology and human nature in more abstract ways. I had explored electroacoustic music and film since I was young and it made sense for all of that kind of audio-visual experimentation to fall under this new project name. I started recording many more albums and making short abstract films and eventually started performing live and have done many times since.

It is one of my favourite projects, personal but also distant, I can collaborate or do it in isolation and it can be whatever I want. I see it as an ongoing artwork and each film, release and performance is part of it. I’m never sure where it’ll go in the future. In early 2017 I released a 5DVD box set of all the films I’ve made to date and Currently I’m working on a 4 CD live album.

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The Trauma of Non-Being 14/05/2013
The Garden 20/06/2013
Functional Adaptive Responses to Particular Environments 28/07/2013
Morphological Mapping of the Supra-Threshold 25/08/2013
Relationship to Gravity 15/12/2013
Deliberate Movement Toward Transgression 18/04/2014
Hypersomnia 03/05/2014
Hypersomnia Reconfigured 03/05/2014
252 Minutes 11/05/2014
The Red Epidemic 06/07/2014
Institute of Atmospheric Research 20/07/2014
Fun With Existentialism 16/09/2014
The Lonesome Freighter Captain 27/09/2014
The Systematic Breakdown of Dreams 23/12/2014
The Politics of Immortality 08/02/2015
Philosophy is Dead 08/08/2015
A Thousand Exploding Stars Live 25/7/15 & 12/9/15 13/09/2015
Piano Factory 19/10/2015
NOISEVEMBER 2015 01/11/2015
Predicting the Fligh Path of a Moth 08/11/2015
Wasting Time on Escalators 17/03/2016
Irregular Heartbeat E.P 22/03/2016
The numberless Circling of cows of the crop (Baffy E.P) 01/04/2016
The Silence Will Be Affected: 3 Live Performances 30/04/2016
Disconnected: Live at New River Studios 30/04/2016
The Lie of Enlightenment 17/05/2016
NOISEVEMBER 2016 31/11/2016
Notes on Chaos: Live 2016 03/12/2016
Utterances (compilation) 24/12/2016
IFAR Musique Concrète Formes dans l’espace (compilation) 13/03/2017
The Trials of PRG (collaboration with Cat Boi) 18/03/2017
Noizemaschin #12 (compilation) 21/03/2017
Collected Films 2010-17 DVD 30/05/2017
Live Collaborations Volume One 16/07/2017
Where is the Rest? (compilation) 20/10/2017
Destroy all Artifacts Brighton 2017 (compilation) 21/11/2017
Noisevember 2017 02/12/2017
A View From a Hill (compilation) 24/12/2017



The Anatomy of Snakes Jan to April 2014 05:07
Lord of the Underworld Jan to April 2014 06:15
Accident Jan to April 2014 04:50
Naked Wires Jan to April 2014 04:04
Deformed Trees Jan to April 2014 05:52
A swan Inelegantly Lands on a Lake Covered in Mist Jan to April 2014 02:13
The Bells of Neurosis are Constantly in My Head Jan to April 2014 01:55
Johnny Seems to Have More Friends Now Jan to April 2014 03:06
Acute Awareness of Things Falling From the Sky Jan to April 2014 08:32
Deliberate Movement Toward Transgression Jan to April 2014 02:21
The Rest of the Universe June 2014 63:20:00
Abstract Compositions: Final Variation August 2010/14 101:32:00
Die Katatonie Oder Das Spannungsirresein December 2014 59:28:00
Experiments in the Revival of Organisms February 2015 09:08
My Heart Still Beats Outside My Body February 2015 03:57
The Super-Unconscious February 2015 13:22
The Politics of Immortality February 2015 23:36
Journey to Somewhere July 2015 17:00
Summer Blockbuster July 2015 06:31
Vaguely Directionless July 2015 03:24
A Thousand Exploding Stars September 2015 18:44
Predicting the Flight Path of a Moth October 2015 29:07:00
I Don’t Want to See the World as It is November 2015 06:11
Disconnected April 2016 06:13
Mesmeric Simplicity May 2016 08:41
Mapping an Imaginary Planet July 2016 65:33:00
Still Life January 2017 20:56
Alternative Stimulations January 2017 05:04
Useless Movements January 2017 02:15
The old man who climbed down into a hole and couldn’t get out January 2017 03:37
Music Videos      
I’m Your Enemy  (AJU) October 2014 06:30
War Head (Insect Explosion) October 2014 05:12
Monkeys are People Too (AJU) January 2015 06:49
Wandering through a Wilderness of Sin (insect explosion) February 2015 06:42
This Party is Over (AJU) March 2015 08:31


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